Being a member of ICTIS provides great opportunities for professionals from public and private entities that have an interest and wish to be in connection with the world of Ditchless Technologies and technologies in the construction of Underground Infrastructure:


  • Only through the ICTIS Association, is it automatically linked to the International Society of Trenchless ISTT Technology and with this it achieves access to the universe of international companies in the sector of public services and technology without ditch.
  • With his relationship with ICTIS, he acquires contact with all ISTT affiliates and receives support in the projects to be carried out. The selection of affiliates has a filter for admission with the purpose of ensuring good practices of transparency and qualification of the goods and services offered.
  • He benefits from permanent advertising in all events, materials, promotional videos that he presents in his national and international activities, highlighting him as a sponsor. This represents a contribution to your brand.



  • The link to ICTIS allows him to aspire to be part of the ESC subcommittee and chair the board director of the ISTT International Trenchless Technology Society.
    The possibility of participating in the international conferences that take place every year in a different country and continent organized by the ISTT International Trenchless Technology Society. These events are attended by public service companies, contractors, manufacturers of equipment and supplies, universities, consultants, etc., with whom you can interact and share mutual interests or develop joint projects.
  • Participation in the general assembly of ICTIS associates every year where they will know the state of the activities related to the technologies, the advances in the country and choose the board of directors with the opportunity to be part of it.
  • ICTIS makes alliances with prestigious national and international entities to share knowledge and participate in the events together to promote the activity of the associates.


  • Every (3) months we acquire the Magazine TRENCHLESS INTERNATIONAL ". This magazine is the official one of the ISTT, therefore, it is the magazine with the most updated information on Trenchless issues in the world. It includes information related to the development of Technologies, Projects in the world, Education, Upcoming events, among others.
  • By having the experience of all the associates and participating in the ISTT, we generated a network of support and technical advice.
  • Accompaniment and attention to the concerns of members.
  • Participation in technical committees on technologies and their standardization. Promotion of research work with national and foreign universities where work is carried out that contributes and resolves technical concerns to the associates.
  • You will constantly receive information and news related to the sector, about research, developments and new technologies in the country.
  • They are provided with an access code to the user area for the ICTIS website ( and the ISTT ( exclusive website where the reports of conferences and research are located.
  • On social networks: Twitter (@ ICTIS1) and Facebook (Arlex Cistt Ictis) we publish and share news and press releases of interest to our activity with all the affiliates.


  • Participation in Conferences, seminars, Trade Shows, Trade Shows and National and International No-Dig Conferences at reduced prices due to their quality of associates.
  • Tender information on Technology without trench.


  • Free registration in the National Congresses of ICTIS of maximum two representatives.
  • Right to a commercial Stand without any cost in the National Congresses and training events.
  • Priority to choose the stand site at events
  • You can place a banner at no cost in the plenary rooms of the National Congresses, seminars, workshops and conferences offered by ICTIS with measures no larger than 1 meter in width by 2 meters in length.
  • All the stationery and materials that are used in the events, will go with their publicity.
  • More publicity on the ICTIS website
  • Priority to participate as a lecturer in training events.
  • Access to advantages of discounts and participation in international academic and commercial events organized by the ISTT.
  • Preferential invitation to academic and commercial meetings of ICTIS and other partners.
  • Participation of research results in other institutes and universities inside and outside the country.
  • The others assigned by the Board of Directors


  • Higher discount in the registration to the National Congresses of ICTIS of maximum two representatives.
  • Higher discount for the location of a commercial stand in the National Congresses of ICTIS
  • Priority to choose the site of the stand in the events and the site of the banner in the main plenary rooms.
  • You have the right to place a banner at no cost in seminars, workshops and conferences offered by ICTIS with measures no greater than 80 cm wide and 1.30 meters long.
  • Priority to participate as a lecturer in training events.
  • More publicity on the ICTIS website
  • Access to advantages of discounts and participation in international academic and commercial events organized by the ISTT.

What is the cost of affiliation and its validity?

The cost of membership depends directly on the type of membership you choose, like this:

  • Platinum Member: $ 30,000,000.oo
  • Gold Member: $ 4,000,000.oo
  • Business Member: $ 1,400,000.oo
  • Educational Institution Member: $ 700,000.oo
  • Individual (Natural Person): $ 420,000.oo
  • Undergraduate student: $ 150,000
  • Canceling this value your membership will be valid for 1 year from the date of payment.

* The application for membership must go through the review of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS

The partners have the following rights:

  • Take part in the General Assemblies of Members with voice and with vote.
  • Choose and be elected to management positions.
  • Propose in writing as many suggestions as they deem appropriate.
  • Request information from the governing bodies about the progress of the association.
  • To enjoy all the rights that as a member of the association correspond to, as established by the competent bodies and laws and by the norms of the internal regime.

Paragraph: Individual members "students" may attend the assemblies with voice and without vote. They will not be able to elect or be elected to management positions..

The duties of the partners are:

  • Actively participate in the programs that the ICTIS Association will take forward.
  • Cancel periodic and timely annual support fees to the ICTIS Association.
  • Diligently perform the charges for which they were elected.
  • Strive to maintain communication and teamwork among their fellow partners.
  • Attend the ordinary and extraordinary meetings of the General Assembly of Members and, in the case of being an active member, participate with voice and vote in the deliberations that take place, with the possibility of remaining silent if you prefer.


  • Send the processed form to email: dir.ejecutiva@ictisorg
  • Pay the invoice sent by ICTIS to the address reported in the form and send by email the receipt of payment.
  • Once the payment has been verified, you will receive an email with the user's name and password, and instructions to access the ISTT and ICTIS affiliate area.

At the ICTIS offices, we are here to serve you.