This program corresponds to an activity of the CISTT Association to train civil, environmental, sanitary and geotechnical engineering professors of Spanish-speaking Latin American universities and SENA teachers in Trenchless technologies so that they, being the experts in teaching, are the ones who train future generations of professionals to go out into society being competitive with any engineer worldwide.


It is recommended but not mandatory, to acquire the text of the course which they will have to use in their classes later.

ibSTT - Libro blanco de las tecnología sin zanja

ibSTT - Libro blanco de las tecnología sin zanja ibSTT - Libro blanco de las tecnología sin zanja

Course detail

  • Duration: 20 hours.
  • The classes can be found on the website with access to the videos at any time and permanently, through a username and password that we provide to the academic institution that enrolls them.
  • Guide book: The basic book is the 2018 edition of the IbSTT "Manual for Trenchless Technologies".
  • Teachers: National and international experts.
  • Language: Spanish-English with simultaneous translation.
  • Assessment and attendance: One exam for each module and 80% attendance verified on the web.

Benefits for Universities

  • The teachers are updated with the construction technologies that are currently used.
  • Students find more job opportunities.
  • The University offers programs that correspond to what is actually being done today.

Course topics

  • Module 1: Introduction to Trenchless Technologies
  • Module 2: asset management planning
  • Module 3: Pipes
  • Module 4: Location and Diagnosis
  • Module 5: Rehabilitation and replacement of pipes
  • Module 6: New Pipe Fittings
  • Module 7: Standards
  • Module 8: Audit


Tom Iseley, Ph.D., P.E., Dist. M. ASCE, PW
Tom Iseley
Professor of Engineering Practice
Beavers Heavy Construction Distinguished Fellow
Purdue University
President, International Infrastructure Solutions, LLC
Chair, BAMI-I Board of Directors
Adjunct Professor, Xi’an Jiao tong University, China

Mohammad Najafi, Ph.D., P.E., F. ASCE
Mohammad Najafi
Director, Construction, Engineering & Management
Department of Civil Engineering
The University of Texas at Arlington (UTA)
Founder & Editor-in-Chief Emeritus ASCE Journal of Pipeline Systems
Director Center for Underground Infrastructure Research & Education (CUIRE)

Juan Fernando Pareja - DISEÑADOR
Juan Fernando Pareja
Ingeniero Civil Universidad EAFIT
MBA Magister en Administración
Gerencia de Proyectos
Planeación Urbano Regional
Profesor Universidad de Manizales
Consultor y Diseñador especialista Trenchless
MÓDULOS 1, 3, 4, 7, 8

Arlex Toro
Jens Hölterhoff
Ingeniero Industrial con especialidad en finanzas
Experiencia docente en universidades.
Estudios certificados en gestión de activos subterráneos
BAMI-I Lewisville, Texas.
Congresos Trenchless España, Hong Kong, China, Turquía, Sudáfrica, Italia, Estados Unidos, Colombia.
Director ejecutivo ICTIS.

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